Reference Material (Publishing Posts)

When creating a post please make sure it goes to all the categories you want, you can post in multiple categories.
When posting a book review, publish it in the specific genre.
When you post a book review, make sure to include your 5 star rating and a link to buy the book on Amazon, or another website of your choice. You can also add an image if you want.

You can also post posts in the ‘What are you Reading Now’ section where you give a list of books you are reading now, or want to start reading soon. You can even provide a short bio of the books and a 5 start rating, also where to buy it online.

The ‘Writer’s Corner’ section is a very important tool that provides writing tools to help you write essays, school reports and book reviews. You can add some of your own work and other members will give you feedback to improve, or publish your own style guides and tips for writing a review.